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SBMA (Door To Door) Service

Vegetables and other Items (Only for SBMA)

*Deliver on Friday * (Order before Wednesday PM: 5:00)

*Date adjustment will be notified separately.

Price notice: Due to climate impact on the production and transportation of vegetables in the production area, the announced price is for reference only.

(Price update every Wednesday).

NOTE: We can only DELIVER if your purchase/order with the total amount of 500pesos and up.

 (The price amount and delivery quantity will be notified before the deliver)

* Special notice: Baguio's vegetable are transported down the mountain from the production area on Friday morning.The climate on the mountain will affect the status of the goods (quantity and quality). We will use the shortest time from Baguio to OLONGAPO, immediately arrange the
vegetables to ensure that they are freshly delivered to each household. Special vegetable are sometimes affected by
the production area and cannot be delivered. Please understand.

Frozen Items (Only for SBMA)

* Members of online shopping the products on this page, our service time is 1-2 times per month
* Please send your order before the deadline (time will be announced separately.

* Please order the products on this page independently (do not mix orders with other pages)

* If you have any requirements, please contact us directly



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