Gumamela Flower Seedling

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Gumamela is the Tagalog term for Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, a flowering plant species that is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. It is also known as China rose or shoe flower.

Gumamela plants produce large, showy flowers that can be red, pink, orange, yellow, white, or a combination of colors. The flowers can grow up to 6 inches in diameter and have a distinctive trumpet shape with five petals. The plant can grow to be up to 15 feet tall, although it is often kept smaller through pruning.

Gumamela is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes, and is also used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments. The flowers and leaves are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. They are used in teas, decoctions, and poultices to treat respiratory infections, fever, headaches, and other conditions.

Gumamela plants prefer full sun and well-drained soil, and are generally easy to grow. They are tolerant of heat and drought, and can also tolerate some shade. Gumamela is also popular as a houseplant, and can be grown in containers indoors.

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