Carbonized Rice Hull Potting Soil (3 liters and 10 liters)

Size: Potting Soil 3L
Sale price₱50.00


Carbonized Rice Hull Potting Soil

● The first step of natural farming
 Improve acidic soil, at the same time active
 microorganisms. After the soil is rich in organic matter,
 the plants are healthy. There is no need for chemical
 fertilizers and pesticides.
● Functional advantages:
* Good ventilation, increase the oxygen supply to the roots.
* Good moisturizing power, reduce dry damage,
* Good drainage to prevent the roots from getting too wet.
* Enhance plant disease resistance.
* It can help plants absorb nutrients
* Promote the effectiveness of P, K, Ca, Mg
* PH value is above 7, which is a good amendment for
  acid soil.
* Has the function of absorbing toxins
* Reduce continuous cropping obstacles
* Reduce fertilizer loss
* It can remove the peculiar smell of poultry manure.
* It can prevent the invasion of insects.

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