Cocopeat Potting Soil (Fermented for 6 months and Screening of fibers)

Size: Potting Soil 1L
Sale price₱30.00


Coco Peat / Coir (Non-Acidic) Best Substrate for Plants

◆ Soil improvement: the root layer can obtain the
   required moisture and air content
◆ Strong water absorption capacity: Like a sponge, it
   can quickly absorb water and absorb 9 times of its
   own volume of water, supplying plants for growth
◆ Has good air permeability to avoid excessive
◆ Coconut peat contains 45% lignin, which can inhibit
   the damage of bacteria and fungi

◆ Direct use:
     Seedling nursery/cutting sprout/potted plant
    (Appropriate fertilizer needs to be added during the planting

◆ Mixed use:
     The mixing ratio of garden soil and cocopeat is 1:1
    It is better to add carbonized rice hull (25-30%)
    (Help plant root system development)

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